Single Cylinder
30 hp - 12.000 RPM
2Strokes - 72 KG

Race Bike
Trade in a vehicle
Trade in a vehicle
Trade in a vehicle
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  • Model: Yamaha TZ125 3V3
  • Origin: Japan
  • Engine: Yamaha
  • Last Service: - km
  • Colour: White
  • Suspension: Origin
  • Brakes: Origin
  • Wheels: 18"
  • Availability: Inmediately in our store of Barcelona (Spain)

The Yamaha TZ125 was a 125 cc two-stroke Grand Prix racing motorcycle manufactured by Yamaha Racing Corporation for racing purposes only.

The first water cooled two stroke 125cc roadracer from Yamaha was released late in 1979 in the shape of the TZ 125G.



Brand Yamaha
Model TZ125
Year 1980
Condition Used
Frame number -
Engine number -
Reference number AMGP568


Engine Yamaha
Power 44 HP / 12.250 rpm
Displacement 125 cm3
Engine Km - (KM)
Airbox -
Exhaust Standard
Clutch Dry
Radiator -

Frame Parts

Front wheel Standard
Rear wheel Standard
Front fork Standard
Rear shock Standard
Steering damper Standard
Front Brake Master Cyl. -
Rear Brake Master Cyl. -
Front Brake Caliper/s -
Rear Brake Caliper -
Front Brake Disk/s -
Rear Brake Disk -

Electronic Components

Data acquisition -
Wiring & electronical -
ECU Standard
Quickshifter -


Length 1790 mm
Width 520 mm
Height 1205 mm
Weight 72 Kg


Other information

Bike in good condition and ready to race. The bike will be delivery fully revised.
Extra parts included with the bike
*Optional spare parts available by an extra cost.


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CHECKED/SERVICE: Our technicians check that everything is in good condition and replace all the necessary parts for its correct operation.

REBUILT: Fully restored as brand new. For more information contact us.

Contact us for know the services available for this bike.

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