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Trade in a vehicle
Trade in a vehicle
Trade in a vehicle
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NS400R NC19
FTR223 MC34
VTR 1000 SP02 SC45
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RD / RZV 500 51X
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Q: How do I view the bikes in person?

A: If the bike is in our inventory: Viewing bikes are by appointment only.

A2: If the bike is NOT in our inventory: Viewing bikes are by pictures, video or media systems.

Normally, the motorcycles are purchased on demand from our customers. It is the best system to offer our customers the exact model of motorcycle you want, specs, color, year...

Q: What is the state of the bike?

A: If the bike is in our inventory: Our company always report the actual state of the motorcycle. We will send all the media files that we have and anything you need. We will inform you of the mileage, condition of the engine, electrical components, cycle parts and any the damage that may have.

A2: If the bike is NOT in our inventory: We report all of the motorcycle and we will send all the media files that we have.

Depending on the process by which we manage the purchase for you, we will bring you more information and media files. Normally the information provided in the purchase of motorcycle auction is limited. We can not inform you about all the damage that may have the motorcycle as we would like. However if we can say roughly when the motorcycle works, the significant damage that may have, and other basic specs for the customer to decide to buy.

Please, contact us so that we manage purchasing your motorcycle and inform you in more detail.

Q: What type of payment options are accepted?

A: Our company only accepts bank transfer/wire payments to our corporate bank account after the contract-sales has been signed

Q: Who is responsible for shipping, taxes and other fees?

A: Buyer pays all shipping fees and destiny country taxes.

Q: Do I have to make shipping arrangements?

A: No, our company can arrange shipment to any country worldwide or the buyer can arrange shipping if he wish.

Q: What kind of packaging have the bike?

A: The shipping include a quality packaging case and can be shipped to any country worldwide.

A2: Only for lots of bikes >>  The bikes are packed and loads in 20 and 40 foot containers.

Q: What if the bike arrives and there is a problem?

A: Normally, we try that the bikes are shipped with insurance. Maybe is a little extra cost but our company prefers avoid customers problems. If not include shipping insurance, we will work with the buyer to resolve the problem so all parties are happy.

Q: Dispatch, Registered and homologation in your country.

 Our company never will be responsible for managing the customs clearance, register and certifying the motorcycle in the country of destination.

Extra services

Restorations, maintenance and overhaul for road, classic and exclusive

Extra spare parts for your bike: engine/wiring/cycle part

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CHECKED/SERVICE: Our technicians check that everything is in good condition and replace all the necessary parts for its correct operation.

REBUILT: Fully restored as brand new. For more information contact us.

Contact us for know the services available for this bike.

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