Engine NSU Ultramax
30 hp - 9000 RPM
Collection bike

Race Bike
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Trade in a vehicle
Trade in a vehicle
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Engine NSU Ultramax
30 hp - 9000 RPM
Collection bike


  • Model: NSU Sportmax
  • Origin: Germany
  • Engine: NSU Ultramax
  • Last Service: 600 km
  • Colour: Grey
  • Availability: Inmediately in our store of Barcelona (Spain)

The NSU Sportmax is a Grand Prix racing motorcycle manufactured for racing purposes only.


Brand NSU
Model Sportmax
Year 1954
Condition Used
Frame number -
Engine number -
Reference number AMC113
Period 1953-1960
Category racer
Type of engine OHC with Ultramax
Type of construction standing single cylinder
boring 69 mm
stroke 66 mm
Displacement 350 cc
Compression ratio Unknown
Max.Capital 28-30 hp at 9000 rpm
Lubrication System dry sump
Top speed ca. 210 km / h
clutch multiple dry clutch
Speeds Four foot switches
Drive chain
Chassis plate frame
Front fork pushed swing fork
Rear stays swingarm with two spring / damper elements
Streamline tophalf and drop streamline
Empty weight unknown
Predecessor no
Successor no

Other information

Bike in good condition and ready to race. The bike will be delivery fully revised.Engine fully revised and ready to run (1800 km since last service)
Extra parts included with the bike: No
*Optional spare parts available by an extra cost.


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CHECKED/SERVICE: Our technicians check that everything is in good condition and replace all the necessary parts for its correct operation.

REBUILT: Fully restored as brand new. For more information contact us.

Contact us for know the services available for this bike.

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